The Burning World by Isaac Marion Review (Spoiler Free)



Summary: R is recovering from death.

He’s learning how to breathe, how to speak, how to be human, one clumsy step at a time. He doesn’t remember his old life and he doesn’t want to. He’s building a new one with Julie.

But his old life remembers him. The plague has another host far more dangerous than the Dead. It’s coming to return the world to the good old days of stability and control and the strong eating the weak, and stopping it will require a frightening journey into the surreal wastelands of America—and the shadowy basement of R’s mind.


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★★★★☆ 4/5


The Burning World continues in the aftermath of Warm Bodies, with R, M and the other zombies in the process of changing back from zombie and to human with the help of humans Julie and Nora.

R and Julie are trying to settle into this new life they now have, with R no longer a zombie with a flesh eating future ahead of him, they’re trying at a relationship, which proves that despite being gifted another chance at humanity there’s still problems to overcome together.

With a corporation looming over them, promising safety, work and help for human, zombies and people on the in-between of zombie and human, R and Julie question their motives and begin a discovery of who the corporation really is, what they’re doing and just what they plan for the people they accept into their group.

With Nora, M and a new ally, R and Julie must venture out from their stadium sanctuary to discover the truth and figure out their own path in it all, even if they don’t want to remember and accept it.

I originally started reading this in February when it first came out, but I got just over half way through and stopped, I lost interest and read other books before finally coming back to it and finishing it off.

The start, some of the middle and the end held my attention, but there’s just this part in the middle towards the end that… didn’t. I can’t put my finger on why, was it boring? The story not quite working for me? I’m just not sure, but that aside and it still deserves the 4/5, the story is interesting with more on the zombies, more on the world they live in and more about R and M and their past human lives.



Did I like the book? Most of it.

Did I love it? No.

Would I recommend it? Hmm. If you’ve read Warm Bodies and are interested to see what’s next for R, Julie, the humans and the zombies, yes, but if you were happy with how Warm Bodies ended then leave it at that.




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