Hey! I’m Helen, from Yorkshire, England.

Ever since I was little reading has always been something I’ve enjoyed. From Roald Dahl to R.L. Stine, I read it all. It helped pass the time and got me out of this world and into another one for a while, which now that I’m older helps a lot, an escape from adult life is always needed for a little while.

One thing I noticed as I grew up and my reading habits changed, my love for fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, sci-fi, and even horror never left. Give me weird, give me scary, give me people who want to use their powers to help others, people who want to destroy, I’ll read it and no doubt love it.

So combined with my love of reading, I thought why not write about the books I read and try and let people know what I thought to them? The outcome of this is what you now see here.

Now, back to reading and escaping this world for a while.


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